Company Profile

TENME has been established as a naval technical bureau company in Piraeus, Greece since 1972. Since then offers a wide range of services to various shipping  companies in  Greece and  abroad while  our  long experience  contributes to  the  succesful  termination of  any kind  of  project  we  undertake.Our activities concentrate in Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Surveys, Annual & 5-Years inspections of Lifeboats and their launching appliances as well as Cargo Gear Testing. The surveys are carried out under the inspections of our senior operators with the assistance of the latest equipment in the market. The   final   product   is   fully   computerized   and   in   accordance   to   the   latest   requirements   of  all  classification   societies   we   co-operate   with.

ISO Certification

Our  company  follows  the  needs  of  the  worldwide  market  in  order  to  achieve  the  higher  standards  possible  and  since  its  foundation ,  the  company is ISO  certified   and   is   recognized  for   providing  quality   service  to   its  customers   under   ISO 9001:2008.  Due  to  that  all  of  our  inspections, as a matter of safety, are taking place in respect to our quality system procedures.